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Welcoming Spring

As we bid farewell to the stark landscapes of winter, the arrival of spring brings a refreshing canvas of colors, textures, and life. For those of us who cherish the solitude of a home studio, this season marks a period of profound inspiration and renewal in our artistic journey.

At Blackmore Pottery, nestled within the quiet embrace of my home, the transition into spring breathes new life into my creations.

The solitude of working from a home studio offers a unique bond with the changing seasons, particularly the awakening that comes with spring. The windowsill becomes a frame to the burgeoning life outside, where each bud and leaf tells a story of renewal. These quiet observations of spring’s symphony inspire the textures and forms that find their way into my pottery. I am longing for the hummingbirds to return, and have enjoyed seeing the elk in the meadows in Durango.

In the heart of my home studio, amidst the tranquility that spring ushers in, I find a parallel between my personal growth and the clay. This season encourages us to shed the remnants of what no longer serves us, making room for new forms and ideas to take shape. As an artist, I embrace this transformation, allowing each piece of pottery to reveal its own story of renewal. The process is meditative, reflective, and inherently tied to the rhythms of the natural world around me.

For fellow artists and enthusiasts who find solace and inspiration in the quiet of their studios, spring offers a wellspring of creativity. I encourage you to open your windows, let the fresh air and sounds of nature fill your workspace, and observe the small yet significant changes happening outside.

As we move forward into the season, I look forward to sharing the fruits of this period of renewal with you. Through my blog and online gallery, I invite you into my studio to witness the journey of my creations from clay to completion. Here's to a spring filled with inspiration, growth, and beautiful transformations in all our artistic endeavors.

Stay connected through our website and social media for glimpses into my latest work and musings from the studio. May this season bring you fresh inspiration and joy in your creations.

Instagram: blackmorepottery

Phone: (970) 759-5814

I would love if someone would find a place in their home for this piece. It is substantially large, and completely geometric. It's one of my favorites in the collection. Call or text me for more information.

-Marvin Blackmore


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