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Elk, Hummingbirds, Bears, and "Noahs Ark"

Animal Collection

Noahs Ark- Choosing from either Terracota clay or white clay each pot is done in a rainbow of colors to represent God's promise to never flood the earth again. Animals are shown in pairs traveling around the pot towards the band where the Ark is displayed with an open ramp.Please select the "Meaning of Symbols" displayed below for more information of the symbolic meanings.

Animal Pottery- Taking the Geometric line and displaying animals allows Blackmore to create pottery that can show his first passion of drawing.The wish of prosperity is shown through the Eagle, Hummingbird, and Deer.Strength needed through all aspects of life is displayed through the Buffalo.Power is displayed through that of the Bear, and wisdom is shown through the Elk.The lines all display various things such as friendship, safe travel, circle of life, snow, rain, sun, and mountains.

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